As fellow fitness enthusiasts (or you’re here to get started!), we can both agree that nutrition is the most important factor in getting in shape. (don’t believe anyone who says otherwise) The best proven method to keeping up with a good nutritional diet is meal preparation. Meal prep, in which you prepare your meals in advance for the week, is often cited as one of the biggest influencers in determining fitness success or failure. Having food at the ready that fits your goals can satisfy your hunger, before you fill yourself with junk food, and regret..Read here to see if meal prepping is for you!

You can break down meal prepping into three basic components:

  1. Planning (shopping, recipes, daily meal breakdown)
  2. Preparation (cooking)
  3. Storage (meal prep container)

We’re here to help you with step 3, find the best meal prep container. Seems simple right? But finding the best meal prep container can make or break your meal. (and leave you hungry) Choosing the wrong meal prep container can lead to spilled foods, leaky lids, microwave meltdowns, and other food-related tragedies you want to avoid when looking to get your proper nutrition. Don’t be lazy and think any container will do!

The team poll fitness professionals & trainers about what they looked for in the best meal prep container, here’s the feedback;

  1. Air-tight and leak proof container lids – The last thing you want to find is your food spilled out in your bag, also all your hard work would have been wasted. (Hangry would be used to describe this person)
  2. BPA-free plastic containers (BPA explained, in short you don’t want BPA in your plastic) – These containers tend to be lightweight and low cost. Temperature resistance, easy clean-up, and impressive durability put these health conscious and low cost meal prep containers on top of our Best Meal Prep container list.
  3. Durability and portability – Convenience and reliability are a huge component to proper long term meal prepping!
  4. Ease of cleaning – Cleaning a weeks worth of meal prep containers can be tiresome. Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly containers will help save time and energy!
  5. Price friendly – Meal prepping is about cost efficient healthy eating, so we wanted to make sure we recommend the economical best meal prep container!

The best meal prep containers are the best available meal prep containers you’ll be able to buy on the market. Whether you’re body building or looking to kickstart a healthy lifestyle we hope this list of the best meal prep containers of 2017 is helpful!

 Best Meal Prep Containers of 2017 (Plastic edition)

1. LIFT Certified BPA-Free Reusable Microwavable Meal Prep Containers

These meal prep containers just do it all. Fairly priced and comes with a free Ebook. Comes neatly packaged from Canada (where their made) fully certified BPA-free and made with FDA approved materials. Need to freeze or heat these in the microwave? Well you’re in luck these guys can take a pounding without losing it’s build integrity. The team did a standard transport-in-your-backpack test to test the lid and even after extensive use the lid gripped the container tightly not letting any food out all over your belongings.

You’d be supporting the team here if you use Amazon but always feel free to check your local favorite Container Store or Target for the best containers.


2. Freshware 15-Piece 3 Compartments meal prep conatiner

This meal container is the Portion Control MASTER. Comes in a pack of 15 and features 3 different compartments. The compartments are super important when you are you are trying to portion your carbs, proteins and veggies without mixing different sauces and dressing. These high quality meal prep containers checks off all of our health and safety standards by being microwaveable, dishwasher safe, and freezer safe. The lid makes a super helpful snap sound with a pop feedback so you know when everything is sealed tight. However when we did leave these containers on it’s side we did see some leakage, not a deal breaker but you just have to be careful.

Overall for the price and quality you can’t go wrong with the Freshware 15-piece set, and if that’s not enough to put you over the top they offer a LIFETIME Replacement and refund policy so buy with confidence!

3. Misc Home 3 Compartment Meal Prep Containers – Portion Control

If you’re looking to bulk or just pack bigger portions these 3 compartment containers by Misc Home are perfect for you. Besides being the biggest containers on the list this value packed deal comes with 20 so if you really trying to bulk you can pack multiple big portions for a single meal with ease. The men on the BestMealPrepContainer team gravitated towards these due to the shear volume of food one can pack into these containers. One con for these behemoths was that when sealed shut the lid doesn’t completely separate each compartment, this is particularly bad if you packed sauces or dressings. **Pro tip** Meal prep bags like these are crucial for transporting your meals safely and upright.

The big compartments are a big hit with some of our trainer friends and clients, you can’t go wrong with these durable, warp-free, and air tight meal prep containers.

 Best Meal Prep Containers of 2017 (Glass edition)

Although pricier glass meal prep containers are resistant to stains, smells, and generally last longer. The downside to glass is that they are heavier and susceptible to messy breaks when dropped. As a serious meal prepper I prefer the portable lightweight plastic option but feel free to go with what works best for your fit life!

1. Premium Glass Meal Prep Food Storage by MealPrep

This 3 pack beautiful glass set is meant for only the fanciest of meal preppers. Eco-friendly and extremely durable these 3 28 Oz containers promise to keep all of your food airtight and leak proof. The BPA-free lids snap into place giving you the comfort only the best glass meal prep containers can give. These containers are perfect for packing in your bag or in areas where you know the container will be moved around. Biggest benefit to the glass containers are cleaning and safety, you don’t have to worry about repeated heating or the dishwasher destroying your container over repeated use.

Unfortunately glass meal prep containers aren’t meant for everyone. To start $28.99 will only get you 3 containers vs. previously rated containers come in packs of 20 for under $20, the limited quantity also aren’t ideal for meal prepping for big families.  The clean shiny looks, durability and airtight goodness come at another cost, they are much heavier than there plastic counterpart, so if you are on the go or stuck on campus carrying your food these might not be fore you.

Many of us have used these and haven’t gone back to the more simpler plastic options.

2. Prep Naturals – Glass Meal Prep Containers (set of 4!)

We’re back at it again. Just finished testing (2/2017) the Prep Naturals meal prep containers. Glass fans can rejoice we found a solid contender for the best meal prep container. This pack comes in sets of 4, so for the same price as the containers by MealPrep you get an extra container. We had to dock these containers because the package came with a broken lid. (was quickly replace, thanks guys!)

Other than that one hiccup these containers worked great for storing and transporting food in a nicely sized glass meal prep container. Lids snap on nice and tight ensuring you your food is packed tidy.