How to Meal Prep for Weight Loss

Why would you go for a burger when your home- cooked meals are way better? Meal prepping is the way to go and let’s take a quick look at how to meal prep for weight loss. We take meticulous care of many other aspects of our lives, but when it comes to meals we take, many care less of what they are made of and what good or harm they do to our body.

Losing weights comes with a degree of paying attention to the details of what our food does to our body but the challenge many of us face these days is that we cannot afford the time it requires to do a daily routine of cooking in the kitchen.

The fact remains that homemade meals can contain fewer calories since you know what you are putting together. Your aim to reach a desired weight is guaranteed with a meal prep for weight loss plan. Prepping means also saving some cash that would have gone into eating out while cooking in itself is a chance to relax and unwind.

There are ways through which you can achieve seven day’s worth of healthy meal prep for weight loss over the weekend to last you over the course of the week. Achieving this requires planning and strategy that I will go over with you in this article.

Tips For Meal Prepping

Here are essential tips you can follow reach your goal weight fast. These hacks are meal prep ideas for weight loss that can be incorporated into your diets to achieve your desired fitness goals.

Cook Big Portions

The first tip for your future cooking is, cook bigger portion. It saves you time and additional effort. For instance, you plan to cook potato curry, prepare two to three extra servings and lunch is set for the next day. You can do the same for other meals and keep them in the fridge for consumption the next day.

Having the perfect meal prep container

Get enough BPA-free container for storing of food and for carrying around. If you need help deciding on the right meal prep container check out my other article here. Smoothies can be stored in glass bottles, salads, and curries in the perfect meal prep containers while you keep fruits, nuts, and oaths in mason jars. The perfect meal prep container can make it easy to grab and go to work or the gym. The perfect meal prep container is especially important if you want to maintain your healthy lifestyle. You can also check out our mason jar recipes here.

Get Chopping

Also part of meal prep for weight loss is prepping your foods efficiently and in larger quantities, this is especially important for cutting veggies. Cut veggies and store in an individual container, ready for use when you need to cook. It saves you the time and stress which you cannot afford during your busy schedule.

This also applies to fruits. This tip is especially important if you want to prepare salad garnish to spice up those boring salads! Meal prepping healthy food for weight loss doesn’t have to be with bland uninspiring food.

Go for Freezer Friendly Foods

The obvious determent to cooking most times is non-availability of time and a good time saving strategy to this is to make healthy meals that are freezer-friendly and can be easily reheated. Your stews, chili, Turkey meatballs and lentil soup all fit in this category.

Meats such as lean ground turkey, chicken cutlets or beef can be stored in serving sizes that are appropriate for each meal. Their small size will ensure that easily defrost when needed for cooking.

Smoothies, as mentioned earlier, are another frozen item that can be stored in the freezer and defrosted well and can fit into your plan to achieve your weight loss goals.

Make Snacks Available

To avoid grabbing the ice cream or the bag of chips have healthy snacks is a must-have when it comes to things that should be readily available. Snacks help to decrease craving for such and also controls hunger levels. Having healthy snack options available during your busy work week enables you to make the healthy choice on what to eat when hunger comes calling. Create time on Sunday to get them ready for the week ahead. Have them adequately arranged for each day, so you just pick it up on your way out for the day.

Go for Healthy Condiments

Having a variety of condiments makes that healthy chicken breast and broccoli meal prep for weight loss interesting. Be sure you read the Nutritional Facts on your condiments to ensure you’re no undoing your healthy meal with fatty condiments that will negatively affect your weight loss goals. Healthy condiments that should be available include fresh ginger, olive oil, salsa, lemon, flavored vinegar, fresh parmesan cheese and low sodium soy sauce. The perfect condiments can turn any meal into something exciting in minutes.

Prep Your Morning Meal

Despite the importance of breakfast, the demand of your work week makes it almost impossible to get it around to it everyday. Your meal prep for weight loss plan should include a protein-packed breakfast to properly fuel your day. Egg whites, fruits and some lean meats in the morning are a great option.

Map Your Weekly Menu

Your strategy for a healthy meal prep for weight loss plan all comes down to the preparation. The food grocery list will make or break your meal prep plan. Go to the market with a plan and stick to it closely. (don’t wander down the ice cream aisle) This is especially important for your healthy meal prep plan and having a plan can also save you lots of money knowing what to buy and a weekly basis.