Glass Meal Prep Containers VS. Plastic Meal Prep Containers

Trying to decide whether you should go with plastic meal prep containers or glass meal prep containers?


  1. Safety:  Research has proven that harmful chemicals in plastic leach into your food (or liquid) during storage, especially when heated. In turn, we consume the food or drink, allowing the chemicals to enter our bodies.  Glass meal prep containers do not have this issue. In addition you don’t have to be concerned with glass containers being exposed to the high temperatures when you run it through the dishwasher or microwave like you do with plastic meal prep containers. This is why it’s important when buying plastic meal prep containers to buy the best BPA-free plastic meal prep containers. BPA is a chemical used in manufacturing polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, including some food packaging. Overall in the safety category I would say glass containers are the safer option.
  2. Cleanup:  After a long session of meal prepping you don’t want to get bogged cleaning 7-10 meal prep containers. Good thing you don’t have to worry here, modern plastic meal prep containers can be put safely into the dishwasher and reused extensively!  Glass container counterparts can also be safely put into the dishwasher without worry of any potential toxic leaks. So in terms of cleanliness you’re covered for both plastic meal prep containers and glass meal prep containers, just be sure to know what you’re buying and ensure everything is dishwasher safe.
  3. Freshness:  We get asked all the time, “how long will my meal preps stay fresh?” and it all comes down to how you store your favorite meals.  The most important factor to keeping your food fresh is the ability for the container can air seal tight. The new plastic meal prep containers do a great job adding a click seal confirmation noise when fully sealed tight. If you want to be 100% air tight, glass meal prep containers can ensure this because its much more ridged and can be sealed tighter.  In our experience glass has been able to keep food fresher longer, but if you make your food ready to eat within days this benefit might not be as important. Lastly because glass containers are thicker and heavier in density they can seal food odors and juices better than plastic meal prep containers.
  4. Finance:  Here at BestMealPrepContainer financial and health consideration is our top priority. Although initially glass meal prep containers are more expensive, serious long term meal preppers go through so many plastic meal prep containers the cost sometimes ends up being the same. Plastic meal prep containers and lids can be crushed or cracked while packaging things away. Glass meal prep containers can usually withstand the test of time. Like anything when considering your buying options take into account your lifestyle habits and overall budget.
  5. Weight:  Here plastic meal prep containers take the cake! The light weight and air tight caps are hard to beat. Glass meal prep containers can often times be heavy and clunky. When considering this take into account your travel between meals because if your commute is by car the weight of a glass meal prep container might not be as big of an issue, and if you’re a student running from class to class the cost effective light weight plastic option just might be best!

How to choose the best meal prep containers master guide

Let’s dive into the details and actual strength and weakness between glass and plastic meal prep containers. I’m hope this helps my readers make the best decision to fit their lifestyle.

Glass vs plastic meal prep containers

Glass Meal Prep Containers Pros

  • Last longer
  • Great plastic air seal lid
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Oven safe

Glass Meal Prep Containers Cons

  • Extremely messy when these containers break – Not advised for young kids
  • Cost – glass is expensive in comparison to plastic
  • Heavy, much heavier than plastic meal prep containers

Plastic Meal Prep Containers Pros

  • Affordable – Many safe bulk order options available on top sites like Amazon
  • Bulk orders! You can order and re-order your favorite plastic meal prep containers
  • Break proof – This is a pro and a con since they can be crushed easily but when broken they don’t cause the safety hazards glassware can

Plastic Meal Prep Containers cons

  • Breakable – Due to there lightweight nature they can be crushed easily
  • These containers don’t always seal as tight as glass meal prep containers